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If your looking to “tri your first sprint,” “get your pro card,” or “qual for Kona” we have a great program that works to meet your goals. We will get you into great swimming shape and help you learn about swimming and advanced techniques.

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Competitive Swimmers

If you consider state a warm up for Nationals and Nationals a check-in for Worlds, we are the right program for you. Many of our athletes are looking for record breaking swims at many different levels from Local, State, and National levels. We have swimmers who are great open water swimmers also.

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Fitness Swimming

Remember the good old days when being in a shape wasn’t referenced as round? Our club has a large number of fitness swimmers. You may not be looking to compete or “tri” but you are looking for a great low-impact workout. Our swim masters swim club is a great place to meet new people and get a great workout.

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Learning To Swim

Our club has take many people from post adult lessons to fitness and even competitive swimmers. Our coaching staff is versed in helping teach adults the techniques, tricks, and tips to become more comfortable in the water along with the ability to be able to swim across the pool.

Learn More About Learning to Swim

Do you love to swim, but feel intimidated by the tiny swimsuits and “faster than thou” attitudes of most competitive swim clubs?

FAST Masters is an adult team swimming club (ages 18 to 90+) in Fort Collins that welcomes swimmers of all ability levels, from highly competitive athletes to exercise swimmers to, I just learned how to swim – swimmers. This Fort Collins swim club includes former swimmers who want to compete locally and nationally, all levels of triathletes looking to strengthen their swimming skills, and regular folks who’re just interested in swimming for personal health benefits.

We believe that fun, fitness, and a little friendly competition are magic ingredients for a healthier, happier you!

As a member of FAST Masters, you’ll have the opportunity to discover new friends, new techniques, and new aquatic experiences, all while challenging yourself to achieve personal swimming goals.

Our Coaches Are Actual Coaches

Our coaching staff is part of the top state age group swim team in Fort Collins. The coaches for the masters swim team are required to have the same credentials and additional training as our age-group team. Our coaches are not yelling, sitting or sleeping on the job. Our athletes pay for coaching and we provide the service of coaching every practice. Our coaching staff’s goals are to help every swimmer get to the next level of swimming, no matter the talent or experience.

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